2011 nothing like 2001

This year did not have any particular meaning except 2011-11-11 11:11:11 AM/PM. Since counting time and entertainment pass as one. And also bring us closer to (the reflection of) death. Because who’s got time to think about the perishable nature of man, anyway.

So, the other most important things in entertainment (and death) this year were: 1. Colin Quinn Long Story Short 2. The Book of Mormon 3. Christopher Hitchens

The first one can be downloaded from the internets, for the second one you must buy show tickets on Broadway (there is a CAM on torrents, also, you must really like Mormons or CAMs for it, however. Or musicals). For the third one, Christopher Hitchens died this year. And this is how we cover also the death references I was making before. The moment he found out he has cancer is on tape, by the way.

Good bye 2011!

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