Merry Christmas

22nd of December is now celebrated in Romania with a Company Xmas Party or funny talk about December ’89. This year I attended neither, I was on the road.

Each time I arrive home after a while abroad I have a culture shock. I have to readapt. It is true in time it got better. And I arrive now from countries like Algeria, Pakistan or Irak which helps also. It evolves from the horror when entering the country from Arad (this feeling of coming into an apocalyptic country was shared by others ,too, and it is due to the desolated scenery of creepy socialist factory ruins, crappy roads and litter, now a little better, also) to the first dialogue with the taxi drivers in Otopeni Bucharest or taking the old, dirty trains from Gara de Nord. And if they are not old, they are now expensive and still slow. And dirty where it hurts.

This year reality check was, what appears to be, the organized attack and beating of a guy, I witnessed in Braşov train station, in the underground tunnel.

But, I do not want to be so gloom. Here is a viral polar bear cub, only 3 kilos, insanely cuteeven though I think about it as another showcase for the decline of this most vicious killer. He’s obviously struggling and in need of his mother (even though she might have eaten him).

Happy Shopping!


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