Sing Sing Sighet

Part of the right leaning conviction of the current Romanian inteligentia is due to the constant reminder by the West that the Socialist-Communist ideas are good, just implemented wrongly in the East. This is confessed by Adrian Pleşu.

As such, Pleşu, Liiceanu and Patapievici are accused by the the new left of elitism (even though there is no clear explanation for it in Romanian anymore) and for each degree they take on the right they are now considered closer to Nazi than to philosophy professors. Pink ponies, in short.

Coming back to the Europeans from the West I realize now that the Berlin Wall was the source of a much higher divide, in perception. Who bothers to look over a wall anymore, anyway. If it is there it must be for a reason. Or, if you want to look, look at Sweeden! Check out Scandinavia, how well she’s doing with those tits full of milk and honey. And oil. And gas. And socialism. I mean, come on Eastern block, you had it rough, we agree, but let’s not be hasty about it! Right?

Almost 70 years after leaving half of Europe to the Red Queen Stalin it is an American that writes a book on Gulag saying: We can speak about a certain complicity of the Western Left in hiding the Gulag realities. She also says that if Gulag’s impact is weaker now this is due to lack of pictures in contrast with the Nazis that took pictures and documented everything. Like Nazies. But how about this map, however, showing the main GULag camps in the USSR only.


Speaking of documents, from the peaceful and slim Norway there is another good news coming.  There are going to be released some pictures, a photo album really, with the day to day life of the Nazi officers stationed in the fjords during WWII. Nazis taking pictures of themselves, it must be something kinky.

And, what a surprise, they are normal people! Who would have thought of that!! Look at them sunbathing. The one leaning on his hand, by the bush, getting some shade from his Nazi cap, sooo relaxed. Finally, after a long day at the office! And there is another photo with one holding a puppy. Aaaaawwww! They are human Menschen after all. Übermenschen.

In fact, Millgram experiment shows us that violent minions are plentiful and you may be surprised, you have 65% chance to be one of them. This is why the fundamentals of the political system are rather important. National Socialism (that means Communism as much as it means Fascism) has the basis on eliminating the competition. And not figuratively like the free market does. So be careful what you sing on.

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