The Courts announced today the guilty verdict for Jacques Chirac in France and the acquittal of Adrian Năstase în Romania in their respective, not connected trials. As high ranking officials as they were they stand accused of corruption in their home turf.

Jacques Chirac even went insane not to appear in front of the Court while Adrian Năstase’s defence used the system for almost 7 (seven) years to get this verdict and used media in every possible way for the attention.

Jacques Chirac was the ruler of a productive (but socially suffocated) economy not to mention the mayor of the most recognizable city in the world. Adrian Năstase was the Prime Minister of an Eastern Bloc country under a nouveau-communist** presidency giving the Europeans the model against to draft all the M C V conditions and Schengen restrictions we face today.

Jacques Chirac supported Nicholas Sarkozy to the presidency but under his office he still got his ass kicked in front of the mounting evidence while Adrian Năstase had to wait a balled guy to be installed in Cotroceni in order to finally receive a call from the Prosecution.

UDP chose to give some money back in the context of the Chirac trial while the shitload of money that was manipulated by the Năstase family is not even under suspicion.

With these verdicts La République comes out in force with no real damage while Dâmboviţa comes out dirty, as usual.

Jacques Chirac says nothing while Adrian Năstase commented that his so called corrupt reputation can finally go away.

To assume that after a 7 year trial that exposed a sum of 400,000 EURO  you are still going to be considered honest is a lack of common sense. To say that in spite of the two other files open on your name by the Prosecution you are still honest and this is a political trial it is offensive. To forget that your own words Aunt Tamara gave us the money” gave the title of your dossier and trial means that you are the Senile.

*according to ÎCCJ

**after Communism: nouveau-riche, Russian style


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