Daily Vegetable Basket*

The clash between Cornucopians and Malthusians is famous. Basically, the Cornucopians say that we should not worry about being hungry because we will always find ways to increase production, forever, while the Malthausians argue that there are not going to be enough Dutch vegetables for everybody. Anyway, you should not buy them!

For a better effect the phrase „I think it’s good not to buy Dutch vegetables” should have been followed by LOL, (wink) or a wanna get high sign. Another good follow up would have been to underline the horrible CO2 effect of vegetables. Oh, yeah, scary scary stuff! That would really get the pople talking not like right now.

So, stay off the vegetables, kids! Team porky over and out.

* offered by Mediafax. From Shutterstock. Not Holland.


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