Super Mini Size America

In 5-10 years max there will be tourism blossoming in Iraq. I would say hurry up until the coaches with renters and vegan backpackers arrive here. There is going to be super size America all over (see Baghdad, Erbil, Basrah).

You can only win by coming here. The food is healthier (they love fastfood anyway if you miss it) and there are enough mobiles available to call home and check on your cat, no problem. Two problems out of two checked, panem et telecommunicenses. Welcome to Ameiraq! Even though some are scared of it, still. Shame on you Informer, I thaught you were braver!

Ericsson had another contract win to announce, inadvertently rubbing NSN’s nose in it. Mind you, the Informer’s not sure he’d want to be one of the engineers assigned to the new Iraqi outsourcing project that the Swedish firm is now going to be running.  The deal, with Zain, is worth $650m to Ericsson over five years and extends into the Northern region of Kurdistan. Some Zain staff will transfer to Ericsson but it’s not known how many.

That is in the context of describing Ericsson’s hegemony, NSN’s breakup and how operators are now extending in Iraq. Do not be afraid, we are all going to be eaten by Singularity anyway. Soon.

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