One image is worth 55 billion cubic metres

We have all been used by now that politicians are actors and that they should be really good actors for their jobs. Not all of them need to wear masks though.

theatre-mask1.gif (1200×954)

Masks of Tragedy and Comedy

t1larg.jpg (640×360)

Norht Stream is actually showing the difference between grownup’s agreement and playing with children. The fact that German government does not bail out Greece in the open is just a mask for their intention to do so via ECB (European Central Bank) and to not upset its domestic workforce. And what a nice period to wear masks, when the tragedy is in Athens herself. 

45891459_oil_pipelines_nabucco_nord_south_stream.gif (466×452)

Real Bruderschaft

Our play is a bit delayed, about a craving for the candy no one wants now. But we promise ourselves the reward will be awesome. Tschüss!

traian-basescu-angela-merkel-gabriel-pecheanu.jpg (400×300)

Play Time


Un răspuns to “One image is worth 55 billion cubic metres”

  1. radu Says:

    dear Alexander, you’re totally wrong. The beloved ZeusUberAlles has no smiley mask whatsoever: this is his own face. So there are politicians without masks too. I bet he has the same face when his taking a crap. (in his south area, if you know what I mean).

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