I was busy with work last few weeks. But I had time for another adventure.

Meet Jamal: 24 years old, back in Kurdistan after 8 years in Athens, Greece. A working man, he did not restrict himself to Greece alone but saw most of Europe. He saw it from the back of his truck’s steering wheel. His clients were mostly Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Afghani immigrants. Yes, that kind of truck. In the 7th year of his stay in Athens he was caught by Police, beaten, all his papers taken and relieved of all of his savings in exchange of his release (he bribed his way out of prison, basically). One year he had no papers until finally Greek sun and tsatsiki was enough so he moved back to Kurdistan and married an Iranian-Kurdish girl. Of course, he cannot visit Iran also, he has done something there too…

Meet James: ex rugby man, ex Royal Navy Oficer, Irish parents and liver, born in England, happy that finally in Kurdistan there are no English tourists to meet them on the streets.

With these two guys I have visited the local night clubs, Kurdistan version. Wow.

The first one (because this is what you do here… bar hopping) was a big hall with tables and some people sitting arround them, had a dim light but loud music and a scene with some elegant ladies dancing. OK, I said, we dropped on some wedding or something. It was obvious, for me, they know each other this is an inappropriate time, they hosted here a some kind of family… function. Oh, I forgot to mention they kept my camera at the entrance.

So we moved to the second one, „much better”. OK, I check in my camera again and we enter a smaller hall, tables all around, smoke, with the scene where ladies are dancing. Again. So, we finally appreciate the phenomenon, understand what’s happening, Jamal presents his apology, we have our beer and leave to the third one. Finally a bar, no dancing fat ladies, no moneyz flying in the air, no guns in the cummerbund, no entry fee but just normal price beer.

This post is based on real events.


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