It’s OK

Wikipedia’s page on Suly was updated and it shows in the main picture the infrastructure improvements done recently. My hotel and workplace (they’re not really the same, I do not sleep at work, yet) are also visible in that picture.  There is a construction spree that caught grip on Suly in Gulf style. Example: the flying saucer on top of that construction below is going to house a revolving restaurant.

NE view, Suly, Goizja Range, Iraq

Suly NE view, Grand Hotel Complex, Goizja Range, Iraq

I am perfectly aware that changing your perspective on Iraq is futile after so much violence on the news. It is true that attacks still take place in Baghdad and the south but this area is pleasantly surprising, calm. It is a vacation destination for the Iranian Kurds because it is more fun than in Iran these days.


Show Advertising, Suly, Iraq

The secret is that here there is only one compact ethnic group. They were oppressed by Saddam in the 90’s and even had their fratricidal war after that so, in the end I guess, I hope, they learned how to stick together.

its ok

It’s OK

So, not overstating it, the situation here is OK. Sure, there are guards and areas I will not go but there are also malls (if that is reference of civilization), there are nice restaurants, nice people, yuppies, infrastructure and new cars. For more Suly picture go here.


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