Looks like 18-4-2 was this guy’s schedule while in the US Army. That is 18 hours of work, 4 hours of sleep and only 2 hours for exercise and one meal a day. He actually lived that way for a while in an aeroplane shed in Iraq and then he moved to Afghanistan. The huge military experience he had did not protect him however from a rant that costed him his job, politically.

Suly Musem

Suly History Musem

Related to this an unwanted 10 years anniversary takes place now in Afghanistan and to answer why it takes so long in there our guy is honest about it and admits no one tried to even find out more about Afghans before invading the country.

Social Networking

Social Networking in Mesopotamia, Babylon Period, 2000 BC

The same thing happened in Iraq. I presume Green Zone is a good indication on how things were supposed to unfold if it was after the Americans: invade and place their own trusted people in power, completely eliminating from decision making the ruling elite of  Ba’ath Party. As far as I understand this made the ones that had official and unofficial control of military, masses and idea to work not with Americans but against them.

Code of Hammurabi

Code of Hammurabi, Akkadian Cuneiform, Plaster Copy, Suly History Museum, Iraq

However, I am not 100% sure that the Americans did a bad thing like this. In Romania our guys were able to contain the damage of the popular revolt that overthrew Ceauşescu and remain in power long after that and that’s not funny even today. There was no greater military there to force them out.

Economic Texts, 2000 BC

Tablets with Economic Texts, Cuneiform, Suly History Museum, Iraq

So from this point of view it was right thing to do, but as sure as NATO is speaking with the Talibans now just as well in Iraq some folks from the old regime have been called back. This only shows how ignorance is not bliss, and determination is not always successful.

Ivory Plaque, Assyrian Period, 1000 BC, Suly History Museum, Iraq

Ivory Plaque, Assyrian Period, 600 BC, Suly History Museum, Iraq

In this parts of the world, there have been many wars and wars are ugly but there is some connection with the past. They are open, educated. Erasing values does not work anywhere, but here they can actually do something about it, there is so much open space to fight back. Ah, by the way, this is what happened to (what remained of) Babylon. So the healing process is very difficult here, fortunately in the north of Iraq there is no problem.

Copy of Assyrian Low Relief, Suly History Museum, Iraq

Assyrian Low Relief, Copy, Suly History Museum, Iraq

More of my Suly History Museum pictures here.

What Afghanistan needs now is actually going to take place first in Iraq. Hopefully Afghanistan will follow someday, not too late. While Romania’s president boasts about US-Romania strategic partnership as a kind of Marshall Plan this is actually going to happen in Iraq, where 16,000 civilian US workers – the size of an army – are going to replace the real US military. With the $ as the (un)official currency in Iraq now, they should have no problem here. Right?

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