Blood and Body Oil

The first week went fast. On Monday I was already bleeding. Since I had to take the medical for the residency, blood analysis was necessary. Because, here in Iraq, you do not get a VISA, you become resident. Or sort of. I have to find out now what is the amount of time needed after which I will be able to apply for citizenship.

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Political Bureau, Suly, Iraq

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Political Bureau, Salim St, Suly, Iraq

Motel Mad, Suly, Iraq

Motel Mad, Salim St, Suly, Iraq (the sign’s neon is pink at night)

With the VISA now in my passport I expected to stroll around more but had/have developed a flue and I ended up staying very late at work for a couple of days anyway, including Friday – local weekend.


House, Suly, Iraq


House, Suly, Iraq


House, Suly, Iraq

But, honestly, apart from the freakin air-conditioned that is also disturbingly loud and the sweet smell of burned fossil fuel, there is not much to complain. I even had a very good soup at midnight getting out from work. On the street, from a soupcycle. I believe it was lentil soup.


Shop, Suly, Iraq

Mosque and shops

Mosque and shops, Salim St, Suly, Iraq


Highway to Suly, Iraq


Tanker, Kurdistan, Iraq

On few occasions I moved back and forth with work and the tankers were noticeable on the highways. Yes, they are in numbers. On the map the city looks like in the middle of the desert with not much green surrounding it. It does not look like that anymore, the empty spaces are now malls, apartment buildings, hotels like mine. Its new found prosperity comes from shared oil revenues and the Turks investing in this place.


Sulaimani Mall, Salim St, Suly, Iraq


Grand Galery Mall, Suly, Iraq


Grand Gallery Mall, Suly, Iraq

two flags

Kurdistan and PUK Flags, Suly, Iraq

Today, I took a walk, bought some fruits and tried to get a still picture of the nice flags in front of the PUK building that I fotographed anyway the week before. I even tried to take a picture of myself and the soldier on my side of the road when another one comes and takes my camera for a check. Out of the green four others appear. One was keen on looking at the photos and started browsing, but another one, who was also amused by this, took the camera from him, gave it back to me and said: „Go!”.

Kurdish Soldier

Soldier Guard, Suly, Iraq

I wanted to ask them for a group photo, but I suspect they are too shy with their mustaches so I did not insist anymore. I was in my room in 3 minutes. Bye !


 Tea, Suly, Iraq


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