New Amsterdam

The Dutch may not want Romanians into Schengen but we do not have to restrict ourselves to Europe anyway for some trust. In Iraq I changed the hotel at 3AM in the morning, gave all my money for safekeeping at the reception and use a Wireless in my room that I have no idea where it is coming from.  I still have not payed my new room either. I spend however 6 Dollars on my first meal and visited the Mall here, so life is god after Schengen, we don’t need your goddamn pity tulips you tall strict yodelers! Did I mention you do not need a VISA to enter Iraq?


Bride store on Salim St, Suly, Iraq

The political struggle in Holland may be to blame but that’s no surprise considering the low level of politics in Romania and overall commitment to enforce justice and stronger, real anti-corruption regulation (conflict of interests, prosecutions, resignation from office once indicted). Even more, blocking the flowers they sent was a sign of such idiocy that we may have invalidated the retaliation tool forever.


Fruit Store, Salim St, Suly, Iraq

In Suly now there are arround 30° Celsius. Walking around in cargo shorts and sandals, with a backpack on my back and a cap on my head I think I blend in pretty well. In any case, if anyone wants trouble I’ll let them know what happened to the last guys that tried kidnapping Romanians in Iraq and for sure that will make them think twice.

Chicken Rice

Restaurant meal, Salim St, Suly, Iraq

Seriously, now, people here are very cool and the food is not bad either. When my meal ended I had a tea and watched the beginning of Arsenal v Bolton (3-0). If I may, I think that this is the thing they would need here: a little more football. I’ll come back with photos with architecture, cars and girls. Just joking about the cars.


Un răspuns to “New Amsterdam”

  1. dermon Says:

    razi tu, dar finu’ nu are voie nici sa se uite, poate nici sa se gandeasca la ele… vad ca ai si pepsi, esti privilegiat.

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