Robo Dance

For all the humans out there Stephen Hawking has a dream. That we will escape our blue marble planet preferably before a mighty asteroid strikes to punish us for all our sins. Like the dinosaurs had it even though they had no soul (only clows). Or a flood comes from all the pollution deranging our planet’s ecosystem, who knows. This is documented in the lovely 3 episode series Into The Universe with Stephen Hawking. Of course, he can not take you by the hand and walk with you mostly because the scale of his speech is always a couple of billion years in the future or in the past and, also, he is unfortunately not able to move at all.

One reason for the spectacular series done in collaboration with BBC is that some kick ass rendering of THE universe were possible due to some super computer graphics recently. Then you have the voice and ideas of Mr. Hawking over them for a grand effect. It started easy, with Aliens (what else, really) then continued with Time Travel (super cool) and ended with space colonization and world universe domination by the human race in the third and longest episode of the series (The Story of Everything).

Well, it is about everything except God. The graphics in the movie is so cool and really no-one paid attention to what the guy is really saying. It makes sense, he is a geek. I first believed the series is also a reaction to the National Geographic Living on Mars. There they talk about Mars and making it suitable for life, what plants to grow first, how to create an atmosphere (all of a sudden the CO2 is handy) etc. They do not mention Darwin’s efforts instead they repeat some Mars rendering a hundred times, two scientists call each other idiots (not in the face) and we are supposed to buy tickets already. So I thought Mr. Hawking started this endeavour to settle the score straight. He has bigger plans actually.

In his latest book apparently he states:

Because there is a law such as gravity, the universe can and will create itself from nothing.

Nothing except gravity but certainly not God. Of course it is not God, it’s Allah. We can still talk. Naturally every creationist (haters in short) jumped high. Funny thing is that all the talk in Mr. Hawking’s nicely done series was already about that. Gravity rulz. Just gravity. At the end of the third episode he even introduces the notion (at least to me) multiverse. How God fearing creature is that?

Beside his enormous brain and matching ego the dude has his reasons:

In my third year at Oxford, however, I noticed that I seemed to be getting more clumsy. […] shortly after my 21st birthday, I went into hospital for tests. I was in for two weeks, during which I had a wide variety of tests. They took a muscle sample from my arm, stuck electrodes into me, and injected some radio opaque fluid into my spine, and watched it going up and down with x-rays, as they tilted the bed.

Reminds you of something?

When you abandon something don’t expect a nice letter.


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